CBD Hemp Ointment


CBD hemp ointment

from Cannadorra.com

  • contains healing cannabinoids (CBD)
  • made from a traditional home-recipe
  • anti-inflammatory and harmonizing effects
  • contains beeswax and lanolin

Hemp ointments are helps against:


    Cannabis May Control Allergic Reactions

    A few studies have indicated that cannabis has properties that can regulate the immune system, effectively reducing inflammation of the skin.


    Can Slow Down The Growth Of Cells

    The rapid growth of cells known as keratinocytes is a predominant characteristic of people suffering from psoriasis. In a recent study, scientists found out that cannabis can effectively slow down the growth of immature growth cells.


    Psoriasis & Eczema

    According to the United Patients Group, inflammation is often caused by triggers brought on by environmental factors. As such, the THC in marijuana reduces the inflammatory reaction when applied topically.


    Offer Pain Relief

    It is a well-established fact that cannabis offers relief from acute pain. Psoriasis especially can be a painful experience due to the tender inflammatory reactions that characterize it.


    Can Lower Stress Levels

    Stress seems to have negative effects on chronic skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, and reducing that stress can be a critical step to clearing up skin. 

  • 100% natural – without any petroleum based products or palm oil
  • Shea Butter and natural lanolin
  • Traditional recipe

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    CBD Hemp ointment and effects

    Hemp (Cannabis) is one of the oldest cultivated plants of the world with various uses. The most common are Cannabis Indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderals. The positive effects of cannabis are used to make ointments and gels.

Hemp as Natural Medicine

Hemp has great medicinal and nutritional properties. It can be used against many diseases or just as a prevention and source of vitality & longevity.  

Learn how to use it in your everyday life. Get recipes, articles, news, useful information and studies...